Wasserburg Anholt and Maria Christina of Austria

Photo by Moniek Bloks

The Wasserburg Anholt, or Castle Anholt, in Germany, dates from before 1169, though the only surviving part of that time is the round tower. The castle was expanded in the 14th century and was probably around the same size it is today. The baroque style expansions began in the 18th century and the first gardens also date from around that time. Those gardens and much of the estate were damaged in the Second World War. Renovations were started almost immediately after the end of the war. When those renovations were finished, some of the estate was opened to the public. Nowadays, it’s partly open and can be visited.

Since 1641 the Princes of Salm (and later Salm-Salm) have lived at the castle.

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One notable inhabitant of the castle was Maria Christina of Austria. She was born in 1879 as the daughter of Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen and his wife Princess Isabella of Croÿ. She married Emanuel, Hereditary Prince of Salm-Salm in 1902 in Vienna. They had five children before his death in 1916 during the First World War. Maria Christina remained at Anholt and would outlive her husband for 46 years.


You can take a guided tour through the castle and walk through the gardens for €15 per person, which is not the cheapest. The tour is only in German. You are not allowed to take photos inside. They have some amazing portraits and grand rooms so that’s quite a shame.

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