Monnikenhuizen Convent and Katherine of Bavaria

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Duchy of Guelders and the County of Zutphen, about 1350

I read that some of the Dukes and Duchesses of Guelders were buried in the Monnikenhuizen Monastery (klo(o)ster). The monastery was located in what is now called Park Klarenbeek, and I visited it last Sunday!

The monastery was founded by Duke Reginald II and his wife Eleanor (of Woodstock, daughter of Edward II of England). Unfortunately, the monastery itself no longer exists. The monks were forced to leave it in 1572 as a consequence of the 80-year war. A statue commemorates the arrival and departure of the monks.



Near where this statue is located, there is also The Stone Table (Steenen Tafel). One of the tombstones from the old monastery was turned around and used for the table. Supposedly this tombstone belongs to Duke William I and his wife Katherine of Bavaria, but since it is turned upside down, we don’t know. They were originally buried in this spot, but they were reburied somewhere else (According to information at the site).


Nearby the Stone Table, a water tower was built in 1928. It is now the home of a restaurant with the same name.

gelre-11The monastery itself was located approximately where there is now an empty school. It is surrounded by fences, but I managed to take some pictures.




The building was apparently just sold, and it will be converted into a psychiatric care unit in 2014.

The only remains of the monastery that are outside the fence are located a bit further up. It is quite a hilly area!


I had quite an interesting walk today! I wonder how many royal women are buried in this area that we just don’t know about!

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