Diana, Princess of Wales helped bury a friend’s stillborn baby at Kensington Palace

By John MacIntyre - Paisley Scotland via Wikimedia Commons
Rosa and her husband, Dominic Lawson, had a stillborn daughter in 1994 and it was Diana who suggested that they bury the baby at Kensington Palace. She planned to tell security that they were burying a pet in the garden.

Melissa Doyle of Channel Seven asked Rosa, “Was it she who suggested burying your baby at Kensington Palace?”

“Yes, yes it was… It was an extraordinary thing to do,” Rosa replied.

Diana then told her butler, Paul Burrel about the plans, who was involved in a “very, very moving ceremony”, with the two women. Diana gave Rosa a key to the palace gardens, which she still has.

Diana, Rosa and Paul had a “very, very moving ceremony”, to which Diana gave Rosa a key to the palace garden. Rosa revealed that she still has that key. Rosa and Dominic have two other daughters, and Diana was also the godmother to their youngest daughter.


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