Controversial Diana tapes filmed by voice coach to air on Channel 4 documentary

By John MacIntyre - Paisley Scotland via Wikimedia Commons
A new documentary to be shown on Channel 4 about Diana, Princess of Wales will feature controversial videotapes recorded by her voice coach, Peter Settelen. They have never been broadcast on British television before.
Peter Settelen was hired by Diana between 1992 and 1993 to help improve her public speaking voice, and the footage was filmed at her private residence in Kensington Palace.

Ralph Lee, Channel 4’s head of factual, said the documentary was an “important contribution to the historical record. The tapes, which show a relaxed and off-duty Diana, are hugely illuminating about her personality, humour and charm.”

The tapes were part of a lengthy dispute following Diana’s death and were eventually returned to Peter Settelen. Diana’s brother had wished for the footage to be returned to the family. The tapes had been held by Scotland Yard after being seized in 2001 in a raid on the home of former royal butler Paul Burrell. The tapes were not used in his trial, as the content was considered to be too sensitive. The tapes were then sold to American broadcaster NBC in 2004, and some excerpts were broadcast that same year.

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