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Saint Nicholas Chapel and the Empress Theophanu

The Saint Nicholas Chapel is one of the few remaining parts of the Valkhof, a citadel built by Charlemagne, in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The origins of the chapel itself are pretty vague. It was possibly founded by Theophanu, abbess of Essen, whose grandmother and namesake was the Empress Theophanu who died at the Valkhof [read more]

Matilda of Germany

The Tomb of Richenza of Lotharingia

Cologne Cathedral is huge and imposing, and it’s actually quite surprising that there aren’t more royal tombs. The building commenced in 1248 but was halted in 1473, and it was left unfinished until 1880. It was badly hit during the Second World War, but it remained standing, and it was repaired by 1956. It was [read more]

Places To Visit

The Tomb of Empress Theophanu

This small church is quite a hidden gem in Cologne. The area is rather residential and when I arrived the neighbourhood and the church itself were deserted. I spent the entire time there completely alone (which I didn’t mind!). The Pantaleon Church is one of twelve surviving Roman churches in Cologne. The first version of this [read more]


Theophano – Holy Roman Empress

This article was written by Carol. Theophano was Holy Roman Empress as the wife of Otto II from 973 until his death in 983. She was regent for her son Otto III from 984 until her death in 991. When Otto I, King of Germany, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII in 962, [read more]