marie antoinette
Marie Antoinette

The execution of Marie Antoinette

Just after midnight on 16 October 1793, her defence council was finally allowed to do its job. Her two defence councillors, Chauveau-Lagarde and Tronçon-Ducoudray, quickly discussed their strategy, and it was decided that Chauveau-Lagarde would focus on her alleged conspiracy with the foreign powers while Tronçon-Ducoudray would focus on alleged conspiracy with enemies within France. [read more]

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Marie Antoinette

Mozart comes to Schönbrunn

Marie Antoinette’s early life was centred around music, and the arrival of a musical prodigy would have been cause for much excitement. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was just six years old when he, his father and his sister, visited the imperial family at Schönbrunn. Marie Antoinette was just three months older than the prodigy. On 13 [read more]