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Queen Silvia of Sweden

A look at Queen Silvia of Sweden

Sweden’s consort was born as Silvia Renate Sommerlath on 23 December 1943 in Heidelberg, Germany, to Walther and Alice Sommerlath. The half-German and half-Brazilian grew up with three older brothers – Ralph, Walther, and Jörg – in their mother’s native Brazil and their father’s native Germany. The family spent time in São Paulo, Brazil, from [read more]

crown princess victoria
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Female Heirs – Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

With the introduction of absolute primogeniture in most European monarchies, there are now several Queens in waiting. With our series Female Heirs, we’ll be taking a look at those young women who will one day rule in their own right. Today we’ll be taking a look at Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The future Crown [read more]

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Forty years of absolute primogeniture – 1980/2020

When Crown Princess Victoria was born on 14 July 1977, she was simply a Princess of Sweden without any succession rights. Even before her birth, discussions about introducing absolute primogeniture (inheritance regardless of gender) were ongoing in the government. Due to the complicated nature of changing the law, it took until 7 November 1979 for [read more]


Ulvhild Håkansdotter – Thrice a Queen

Ulvhild Håkansdotter was born circa 1095 as the daughter of Haakon Finnsson. The name of her mother was not recorded. She came from somewhere in Norway. Nothing is known of her youth. Her first marriage was to King Inge II of Sweden, and the wedding was held around 1116/1117. King Inge ruled together with his [read more]