Alexandra of Greece

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Greece

The Kingdom of Greece began its life in 1832 after the Greeks had risen up against the Ottoman Empire. They became fully independent in 1830, and the Treaty of London in 1832 made Greece a monarchy. A Bavarian Prince named Otto was chosen as its first King. Otto married Amalia of Oldenburg, and she was thus [read more]


Sophie of Prussia – Queen of the Hellenes

The future Queen Sophie of Greece was born as Princess Sophie Dorothea Ulrike Alice on 14 June 1870 in the Neues Palais in Potsdam. She was the seventh child and third daughter of Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Victoria (née Victoria, Princess Royal or “Vicky”). Sophie was one of the many grandchildren of Queen [read more]

Alexandra of Greece

No succession rights for Alexandra of Greece

Alexandra was born on 25 March 1921 to King Alexander of Greece and his morganatic wife, Aspasia Manos. However, Alexander had died five months before she was born. Her grandfather Constantine I had been in exile and was restored to the Greek throne a month after his son’s death. This left Alexander’s marriage to Aspasia [read more]