Elisabeth of Poland

Elizabeth of Poland – A true survivor

Elizabeth of Poland was a true survivor. Her long and eventful life spanned three-quarters of the turbulent fourteenth century.  She was involved in some of the fourteenth century’s key events in Poland, Hungary, and Naples.  For decades, even in her old age, she was active in the politics of Hungary and Poland.  She quite possibly [read more]

anna jagiellon
Anna Jagiellon

Queens Regnant – Anna Jagiellon

Anna Jagiellon was born on 18 October 1523 to King Sigismund I the Old of Poland and Bona Sforza. She spent her childhood in Kraków with two of her sisters, Sophia and Catherine. It was a rather mundane childhood, and she was quite a forgotten child. She was involved in charity and spent her spare time embroidering, [read more]

elizabeth austria
Barbara Radziwiłł

Elizabeth of Austria – The sickly Queen

Elizabeth of Austria was born on 9 July 1526 as the eldest child of Anne of Bohemia and Hungary and Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor. Her marriage to Sigismund II Augustus was already being discussed when she was just one year old, despite this, she was never taught Polish. The marriage contract was signed in [read more]

elizabeth portugal
Adelaide of Italy

Royal Saints

Many royal women sought a religious life, especially after the deaths of their husbands or even from their early childhood. I have compiled a list, probably incomplete, of many of those female saints. Adelaide of Italy Adelaide was born around 931 and she was respectively Queen of Italy as the wife of Lothair II of [read more]