Agnes of Beaujeu

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Navarre

House of Íñiguez Íñigo Arista of Pamplona was the first King of Navarre, then known as Pamplona, and he is known as the nation’s founder. This happened around 824. The name of his wife is unknown, but he had several children, including his successor García Íñiguez. He succeeded his father in 851 or 852. The name [read more]

Andregoto Galíndez

Queens Regnant – Toda of Pamplona

Toda of Pamplona’s status as Queen Regnant is a bit strange. She is perhaps best known as Queen consort. She was born circa 876 as the daughter of the Earl Aznar Sánchez of Larraun and Onneca Fortúnez. She was a granddaughter of Fortún Garcés of Pamplona, King of Pamplona. She married Sancho I of Pamplona, later known [read more]

Joan II of Navarre

Queens Regnant – Joan II of Navarre

Queen Joan I’s marriage to Philip IV of France had brought Navarre into French hands, and the two were united in one person, until Joan II. The future Joan II was born as the daughter of Louis X of France (Louis I of Navarre) and Margaret of Burgundy in 1312. Her mother became entangled in the [read more]