Adosinda Gutiérrez

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of León‎

The Kingdom of León‎ was created as a separate Kingdom when the Asturian King Alfonso the Great divided his realm among his three sons. The first King of León‎ was his second son, King García I. García was married to a woman named Muniadona, but her origins are unknown. They had no children together, and when he died in [read more]

Book Reviews

María de Molina, Queen and Regent: Life and Rule in Castile-León, 1259-1321 by Paulette Lynn Pepin Book Review

This biography of Queen Maria de Molina thematically explores her life and demonstrates her collective exercise of power and authority as queen. Throughout her public life, Maria de Molina’s resilient determination, as queen and later as regent, enabled her to not only work tirelessly to establish an effective governing partnership with her husband King Sancho [read more]

Berengaria of Castile

Queens Regnant – Sancha and Dulce of León

Sancha and Dulce of Leon were born the daughters of Alfonso IX of Leon by his first wife Theresa of Portugal. There were born in 1191 or 1192 and 1195 respectively. They had an older brother named Ferdinand, who died unmarried at the age of 22. Their mother Theresa had returned to Portugal in 1214 [read more]