Writings by last Princess of Joseon return home

A collection of 68 writings by Princess Deokon, the last Princess born to King Sunjo and Queen Sunwon before the end of the Kingdom of Joseon (Korea), has returned home to Korea. The writings consist of a book and several letters. The National Hangeul Museum (NHM) and Culture Heritage Administration (CHA) recently announced the acquisition of the [read more]

Jang Hui-Bin

Queen Jang Hui-Bin – The Korean Femme Fatale

Queen Jang Hui-bin’s reputation has often been negative. According to historian Hwang, her story has some similarities to Anne Boleyn.[1] Throughout history, she has been labelled as a “stubborn, licentious, decadent, femme fatale.”[2] She is said to have seduced King Sukjong and made him divorce his queen, Inhyeon, and make her queen in her place. She was [read more]