Versailles (2015) TV Review

  New TV series Versailles had already created quite a name for itself without even being broadcast. The scandal of scandals, a series about the Sun King himself was to be made in the English language, presumably to make it more profitable. The French were not amused. I can understand the decision from a business [read more]

isabella france

Saint Isabella of France

Saint Isabella of France was born around March 1224 as the daughter of Louis VIII of France, whose nickname was the Lion, and Blanche of Castile. She was one of thirteen children, though not all lived to adulthood. She was just two years when her father died, and her brother became King. Her mother continued [read more]

Book Reviews

The Rival Queens by Nancy Goldstone Book Review

The Rivals Queens features two Queens, who coincidentally were also mother and daughter. The infamous Catherine de’ Medici and her perhaps equally infamous daughter Margaret of France have both led extraordinary lives. Catherine de’ Medici was born on 13 April 1519 as the daughter of Lorenzo II de’ Medici and Madeleine de la Tour D’Auvergne [read more]

Blanche of Burgundy

The Queens of the Tour de Nesle Affair

Sometimes history reads like a soap opera, and the Tour de Nesle affair would certainly fit right in. This royal scandal took place in the French royal family under King Philip IV. Philip had three sons, who all would eventually succeed him as King of France. His three sons had all made advantageous marriages. His [read more]