Amélie of Leuchtenberg

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Portugal

The Kingdom of Portugal began its life in 1139 when Afonso Henriques, Count of Portugal, was acclaimed King of the Portuguese. House of Burgundy His wife was Matilda or Mafalda of Savoy, who was thus the first Queen of Portugal. They had seven children together, including his successor the future King Sancho I of Portugal. Sancho succeeded his [read more]

constanza manuel

Constanza Manuel’s Imprisonment

Constanza Manuel was born in 1316 as the daughter of Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena and Duke of Peñafiel and Constance of Aragon, a daughter of James II of Aragon. Still only a child she married Alfonso XI of Castile on 28 November 1325. She was Queen for just two short years. Alfonso dissolved the marriage and quickly remarried [read more]