Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn – The road to execution

Queen Now that she was Queen, she needed to perform a Queen’s most important task. She needed to provide him with a male heir. She was already pregnant, and so the future looked promising. On Whit Sunday, 1 June 1533, Anne Boleyn received a magnificent coronation while she was around six months pregnant. They probably [read more]

Catherine of Aragon

Charlotte Hope cast as Catherine of Aragon in Starz’s “The Spanish Princess”

British actress Charlotte Hope will star as Catherine of Aragon in Starz’s “The Spanish Princess,” which follows “The White Queen” and “The White Princess.” “The Spanish Princess” will chronicle Catherine’s first marriage to Arthur, Prince of Wales and her situation after his early death. Charlotte has previously appeared in Game of Thrones as Ramsay Bolton’s sadistic [read more]