Anne Marie d'Orléans

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Sicily

The Kingdom of Sicily began its life in 1130 when it was created by Count Roger II of Sicily with the agreement of Pope Innocent II. Roger was married three times. His first wife was Elvira of Castile who was thus the first Queen of Sicily. They went on to have six children together, and [read more]

Agnes of Aquitaine

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Aragon

House of Jiménez The Kingdom of Aragon began its life in 1035 when it was established as an independent Kingdom. Its first King was Ramiro I of Aragon, an illegitimate son of Sancho III of Pamplona. Ramiro’s first wife was Ermesinda of Bigorre, who was thus the first Queen of Aragon. They went on to have five [read more]

eleanor navarre
Agnes of Cleves

Queens Regnant – Eleanor of Navarre

The future Queen Eleanor of Navarre was born in Olite as the third child of King John II of Aragon and Queen Blanche I of Navarre on 2 February 1426. Both her elder brother Charles and her elder sister Blanche preceded her as monarch of Navarre. Eleanor married Gaston IV, Count of Foix in 1441 [read more]

blanche i
Blanche I of Navarre

Queens Regnant – Blanche I of Navarre

Blanche was born on 6 July 1387 as the second eldest daughter of Charles III of Navarre and Eleanor of Castile. She was one of eight siblings, and Blanche became the heiress of Navarre upon the death of her eldest sister, Joan, who had been married to John I, Count of Foix. She married for [read more]