Adelheid of Meissen

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Bohemia

The Kingdom of Bohemia was founded in 1198 from the Duchy of Bohemia by Ottokar I of Bohemia. It was officially recognised in 1212 by the Golden Bull of Sicily. Ottokar was married to Adelheid of Meissen. They had four daughters and divorced in 1199. Adelheid was thus the first Queen consort of Bohemia but did [read more]

Barbara of Cilli

Elizabeth of Luxembourg – The heiress

Elizabeth of Luxembourg was born on 7 October 1409 as the daughter of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor and Barbara of Cilli. She would be their only child. She was the de facto heiress presumptive to the thrones of Hungary and Bohemia, although most expected that she would rule jointly with her husband. In 1411, her [read more]