Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown by J.F. Andrews Book Review

There are many what-ifs in history, and perhaps the lost Kings and Queens are the most interesting ones; a single life that could have potentially altered the history of the world. Or in this case, the history of England as Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown covers only English history.

Of the ten chapters, only three include women, the most important being, of course, Empress Matilda whose son eventually became King Henry II. The second woman is Mary of Blois, a daughter of King Stephen. The third is Eleanor of Brittany, the eldest daughter of Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany, the fourth son of King Henry II of England, who had a claim to England, Anjou, and Aquitaine as well as Brittany after the death of her younger brother. She was imprisoned for 39 years long years and was perceived as a threat, despite having little support. The other potential heirs in the book are, unsurprisingly, male.

Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown is an interesting book that covers quite a few people. It’s very easy to read and has a nice flow to it. I really enjoyed reading it, despite it having so few women in it. Overall, I’d highly recommend it.

There is just one question that keeps nagging me. Why use a pseudonym, dear J.F. Andrews…. whoever you are!

Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown by J.F. Andrews is available now in the UK and the US.

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