Elizabeth I: The Making of a Queen by Laura Brennan Book Review

One of the best-known Queens in history is Queen Elizabeth I of England, without a doubt. Many books have already been written about her and embarking on adding to that collection must be a daunting task. Laura Brennan’s new book doesn’t necessarily long to add to the pile of biographies already written about her and it doesn’t pretend to want to.

Elizabeth I: The Making of a Queen focusses on events that helped shape the course of Elizabeth’s and these events are thus not always about her. The first part of the book focusses heavily on the life of her father while the latter part includes things like the assassination of William the Silent. The writing style is easy to follow and, except for a few errors, seems to be well-researched. However, it can be rather disappointing if you’re expecting a biography about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth I: The Making of a Queen by Laura Brennan is available now in both the UK and the US,

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