Book News Week 9 2024

royal inbreeding and other maladies juliana cummings

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Book News week 9 – 26 February – 3 March 2024

Imperial Women of Rome: Power, Gender, Context

Hardcover – 29 February 2024 (US)

Vagabond Princess: The Great Adventures of Gulbadan 

Hardcover –  27 February 2024 (US & UK)

The Throne: 1,000 Years of British Coronations 

Hardcover – 27 February 2024 (US)

Young Elizabeth: Elizabeth I and Her Perilous Path to the Crown 

Hardcover – 29 February 2024 (US)

Kateryn Parr: Henry VIII’s Sixth Queen 

Hardcover – 28 February 2024 (UK)

Sisters of Richard III: The Plantagenet Daughters of York 

Hardcover – 28 February 2024 (UK)

Royal Inbreeding and Other Maladies: A History of Royal Intermarriage and its Consequences 

Hardcover – 28 February 2024 (UK)

Forgotten Women of the Wars of the Roses: The Untold History Behind the Battle for the Crown 

Hardcover – 28 February 2024 (UK)

Plantagenet Princesses: The Daughters of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II 

Paperback – 28 February 2024 (UK)

On The Trail of Mary Queen of Scots 

Paperback – 29 February 2024 (UK)

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