Amalia of Cleves’ Grave in the St. Lambertuschurch in Düsseldorf

Photo by Moniek Bloks

On a dreary Sunday I headed to the city of Düsseldorf in search the grave of Amalia of Cleves, yes – the sister of Anne of Cleves. Amalia was also considered as a bride for Henry VIII, but after seeing both their portraits he settled upon Anne. Amalia was then part of the negotiations with the Margraviate of Baden, but that came to nothing. She received a rather old-fashioned upbringing, even for the time. She learned to cook, weave and several other household chores.

She wrote a songbook, which survives to this day and can be found in the library in Berlin. She died on 1 March 1586.

This is the tomb of either Elisabeth of Waldeck, wife of Johann of Nassau-Hadamar, who died circa 22 June 1385 or Margaret of Berg-Windeck, wife of Otto IV, Count of Ravensberg, who died between 1339 and 1346. The tomb reads Misericordiae PARENTI, which means father of mercy.

Although I had, for some reason, expected a separate tomb, Amalia is buried in this tomb together with several other people:

  • Anna of Bavaria (died 1415)
  • Yolande the Younger of Bar (died 1421. Daughter of Robert I, Duke of Bar and Marie of Valois. Wife of Adolf, Duke of Jülich-Berg. She is named for her elder sister, who married King John I of Aragon)
  • Adolf, Duke of Jülich-Berg(died 1437)

  • Jakobea of Baden-Baden (died 1597. She was first buried in the Kreuzherrenkirche)
  • John William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg (died 1609. Husband of Jakobea)

  • Catharine Charlotte of the Paltz-Zweibrücken (died 1651)

  • Countess Elisabeth of Nassau-Saarbrücken (died 1479)
  • William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg (died 1592. He was the brother of Anne and Amalia and he is the one portrayed in the monument itself)

    According to the information at the site (yes, there was actual information!) all the bones (including those from the stone tomb above) now rest inside three coffins in the monument.

I was quite surprised by this church. Despite the limited information on the website, there was some information at the site itself. Entry is free, though they do ask for donations.

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