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The Royal Art Exhibition

The Royal Art Exhibition from the Museum Gouda explores the close connection between the Dutch royal house and the art world and offers a glimpse at some items that are not often on display. The exhibition starts with the grand wedding portrait of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Henry, and the room also includes several wedding [read more]

Princess Francisca Moctezuma
Francisca Moctezuma

Princess Francisca Moctezuma – The forgotten daughter of Emperor Moctezuma II

Princess Francisca Moctezuma is the least known of Emperor Moctezuma II’s recorded daughters. Unlike her half-sisters, Empress Isabel Moctezuma and Princess Mariana Leonor Moctezuma, Princess Francisca was not awarded with any towns by the Spanish conquistadors. According to historian Camilla Townsend, this is most likely because she rarely interacted with the Spanish conquistadors.[1] Despite not [read more]

Book News

Book News Week 46

*contains affiliate links* Book News Week 46 – 13 November – 19 November 2023 Uncrowned: Royal Heirs Who Didn’t Take the Throne  Hardcover – 15 November 2023 (UK) Pomp and Piety: Everyday Life of the Aristocracy in Stuart England  Hardcover – 15 November 2023 (UK) Mortal Monarchs: 1000 Years of Royal Deaths  Paperback – 14 [read more]