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Book News Week 45

*contains affiliate links* Book news week 45: 6 November – 12 November 2023 Unroyal: Three Women Who Shook the Monarchy Audiobook – 7 November 2023 (US & UK) A Rome of One’s Own: The Forgotten Women of the Roman Empire  Hardcover – 7 November 2023 (UK & US)

lady louise gustaf adolf wedding
Louise Mountbatten

Royal Wedding Recollections – Lady Louise Mountbatten & the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden

On 3 November 1923, Lady Louise Mountbatten married the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. Louise’s engagement to the Crown Prince of Sweden had surprised many. Louise had resigned herself to staying single after the traumatic ending of her engagement to an artist. In a panic, she wrote, “You know that Gustaf of Sweden [read more]

Princess Mariana Leonor Moctezuma
Mariana Leonor Moctezuma

Princess Mariana Leonor Moctezuma – Emperor Moctezuma II’s tenacious daughter

Princess Mariana Leonor Moctezuma was the daughter of Emperor Moctezuma II of the Aztec Empire. After the fall of the Aztec Empire, Princess Mariana Leonor Moctezuma managed to successfully transition into Spanish society. The Spanish awarded her with the towns of Tarimbaro and Ecatepec. She had two husbands and one daughter. Princess Mariana Leonor Moctezuma’s [read more]