Amalia of Solms-Braunfels

Review: Amalia. Ambition and Allure exhibition

Amalia of Solms-Braunfels jumped from relative obscurity to being one of the leading ladies of the 17th century. She was part of the court of Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen of Bohemia, and followed her mistress into exile in the Netherlands. In The Hague, she met Frederick Henry, the brother of Maurice, Prince of Orange. [read more]

serpent queen
Catherine de' Medici

Review: The Serpent Queen (2022) – Episode 3

*contains affiliate links* *spoilers* We return to France with the third episode of The Serpent Queen. Rahima’s main target has survived the gunpowder explosion but has lost her eye. However, with Catherine’s protection, she is saved from receiving lashes and is even rewarded with new clothes. We return to the past as Rahima and Catherine [read more]


Imperial Consort Mei – The sorrowful poems from the consort who loved plum blossoms

Imperial Consort Mei’s love story with Emperor Xuanzong was very tragic, but it resulted in the creation of beautiful poetry. She was once the favourite concubine of Emperor Xuanzong. However, when the infamous Imperial Consort Yang Guifei arrived at the palace, Emperor Xuanzong neglected and banished Imperial Consort Mei. While Imperial Consort Mei suddenly lost [read more]