Elisabeth in Bavaria

Review: Corsage (2022)

*spoilers* Corsage (2022) is a brand-new film about Empress Elisabeth of Austria. However, rather than focussing on the youth of the Empress as films about her tend to do, we meet Elisabeth shortly before her 40th birthday in 1877. Elisabeth realises that she is getting old, which only adds to her obsession with controlling the [read more]

serpent queen
Catherine de' Medici

Review: The Serpent Queen (2022) – Episode 5

*contains affiliate links* *spoilers* The episode opens with Rahimina and Catherine walking in the woods. Catherine reveals to her that the letter contains proof of a conspiracy between Mary, Queen of Scots and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I of England against Catherine. Catherine asks Rahima to search Mary’s room for more evidence. We return to [read more]