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Book News February 2022

*contains affiliate links* The Times Queen Elizabeth II: Her 70 year reign  Hardcover – 14 October 2021 (UK) & 1 February 2022 (US) Discover how the reign of Britain’s longest-serving monarch unfolded, as seen through fascinating Times articles and photography. Published to commemorate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this full-colour book is a detailed profile of [read more]

margaret of navarre
Margaret of Navarre

Margaret of Navarre – Medieval Sicily’s most powerful Queen (Part three)

Read part two here. Margaret’s Later Regency Margaret’s power did not outlast Stephen’s departure for very long. Soon afterwards, ten men of her court, including Henry, Bishop Gentile, Matthew of Aiello, and Caid Richard formed a regency council. One of the council’s first acts was to expel Margaret’s cousin, Gilbert, from the kingdom, despite her [read more]