Hu Shanxiang – The Gracious Yet Deposed Empress

Empress Hu Shanxiang’s tragic tale has moved the hearts of China for centuries. She is often seen as a pitiful, kind, and helpless woman, while her successor, Empress Sun, is depicted as a femme fatale. Empress Hu Shanxiang was the first wife of the Xuande Emperor (also known as Emperor Xuanzong). Because she could not bear [read more]

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Book News June 2021

*contains affiliate links* Queen Victoria: This Thorny Crown (Spiritual Lives)  Hardcover – 8 June 2021 (US) & 8 April 2021 (UK) This biography evokes the pervasive importance of religion to Queen Victoria’s life but also that life’s centrality to the religion of Victorians around the globe. The first comprehensive exploration of Victoria’s religiosity, it shows [read more]