Elisa Bonaparte

The Bonaparte Women – Elisa Bonaparte

Elisa Bonaparte was born Maria Anna on 3 January 1777 at Ajaccio, Corsica as the daughter of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino. She was thus a younger sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. She was given the name Maria Anna in honour of an elder sister who had died a few days after her baptism. She assumed [read more]

wilhelmina prussia
The Princesses of Orange Series

Princesses of Orange – Wilhelmina of Prussia (2)

Wilhelmina of Prussia was born on 18 November 1774 as the daughter of King Frederick William II of Prussia and Frederika Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt. Not much is known about her early life. She received an education in several languages, needlepoint and painting. She married her first cousin William, then Prince of Orange, on 1 October [read more]

queen victoria
Alice of the United Kingdom

Queen Victoria and haemophilia

When the future Queen Victoria was born in 1819, no one knew that she was the carrier of a blood disease that would go down in history as the “royal disease.” Haemophilia was quite misunderstood in Queen Victoria’s day, and few haemophiliacs were expected to live to adulthood. Queen Victoria’s youngest son Prince Leopold turned [read more]

agrippina book
Book Reviews

Book News August 2019

Maria Romanov: Third Daughter of the Last Tsar, Diaries and Letters, 1908–1918 Hardcover – 20 August 2019 (US) & 30 June 2019 (UK) In Maria Romanov: Third Daughter of the Last Tsar, Diaries and Letters, 1908–1918, by translator and researcher Helen Azar with George Hawkins, Mashka’s voice is heard again through her intimate writings, presented for [read more]