Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor – The Thistle

Margaret Tudor was born on 28 November 1489 as the daughter of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in Westminster Palace. Her christening took place in St Margaret’s Church, and she was brought up in the royal nursery at Richmond Palace with her elder brother Arthur, Prince of Wales and her younger brother Henry. Her [read more]

The Royal Mistresses Series

Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Blount – Mother of the King’s son

This article was written by Holly Sennett. ‘Bessie’ Elizabeth Blount, more commonly known to history as ‘Bessie’, was born around 1498-1500. Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir John Blount (Politician) and Catherine Blount (formerly Pershall). Elizabeth’s mother Catherine had served as a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon during her marriage to Prince Arthur. She served [read more]