The Bonaparte Women – Mathilde Bonaparte (Part one)

I was born in exile – civically dead – at Trieste, on 27 May 1820. When Princess Mathilde Bonaparte was born as the daughter of Napoleon’s brother Jérôme Bonaparte and his second wife, Catharina of Württemberg, Napoleon’s reign was over. Her father Jerome was now the former King of Westphalia and the family was banned from France. Mathilde was [read more]

Places To Visit

Stadtschloss Fulda – An Orange Home

The Stadtschloss (City Palace) in Fulda was built between 1706 and 1714 by Johann Dientzenhofer as a residence for the Fulda prince-abbot and later the prince-bishops. It was also used by the future King William of the Netherlands who was briefly the ruler of the short-lived principality Nassau-Orange-Fulda. Despite a rule of just three years, [read more]