The murder of Philippa of Flanders

Philippa of Flanders (or Philippa of Dampierre) was born around 1287 as the daughter of Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabella of Luxembourg. Philippa’s father sought support from the English King Edward I to preserve the autonomy of Flanders from its powerful neighbour France, and in 1294 Philippa was betrothed to Edward II. The French [read more]

joan england

The black death and Joan of England

Joan of England was born in either 1333 or 1334 in the Tower of London to Edward III and Philippa of Hainault. In 1345 she was betrothed to Peter of Castile, and in the summer of 1348, Joan departed England with a heavily armed retinue. The fleet consisted of four English ships which departed from [read more]

margaret york

The Crown of Margaret of York

Margaret of York was the sister of Edward IV of England. She was married to Charles the Bold of Burgundy in 1468. She was his third wife. His first wife was Catherine of France, who died childless at the age of 18. His second wife was Isabella of Bourbon, who had given birth to Mary [read more]

elizabeth austria
Barbara Radziwiłł

Elizabeth of Austria – The sickly Queen

Elizabeth of Austria was born on 9 July 1526 as the eldest child of Anne of Bohemia and Hungary and Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor. Her marriage to Sigismund II Augustus was already being discussed when she was just one year old, despite this, she was never taught Polish. The marriage contract was signed in [read more]