Memorial for Queen Geraldine of Albania

6 August 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Queen Geraldine of Albania. She was born in Budapest (Austria-Hungary) in 1915. She was the daughter of Gladys Virginia Steuart and Hungarian Count Gyula Apponyi de Nagy Appony. After fleeing from Austria-Hungary as the empire collapsed the family lived in Switzerland. When her father died [read more]

Ada of Holland

Ada of Holland – Heiress of Holland

Ada of Holland was one of the three surviving daughters of Dirk VII of Holland and his wife Adelaide of Cleves, daughter of Dietrich II, Count of Cleves and Adelaide of Sulzbach. Her father paved the way for her succession by making Holland inheritable by women. At the time of Dirk’s death in 1203, Ada [read more]