Maria of Bytom

Maria of Bytom – A Queen in the footnotes

Throughout the late middle ages, there are records of queens whose marriages were beneficial to their husbands’ families.  Even though we don’t know much about them, we still know whether or not they fulfilled their most important duty – bearing sons.  Often the queens who did not succeed in this are forgotten and hidden in [read more]

Fenenna of Kuyavia

Fennena of Kuyavia – Traces of a lost Queen

When King Andrew III of Hungary died in 1301, he left behind a daughter, Elizabeth and a widow, Agnes.  Elizabeth and Agnes’ lives would be closely connected, but Agnes was not the mother of Andrew’s daughter.  Elizabeth’s mother was Andrew’s often forgotten first wife, Fennena of Kuyavia. Difficult Early Life There are very little records [read more]


Viola of Teschen – An unlikely Queen

In 1305, the young king Wenceslaus III of Bohemia wed Viola of Teschen much to the surprise and disapproval of his subjects.  For years he had been betrothed to the heiress of Hungary, Elizabeth.  He was even still betrothed to her when he married Viola.  What made him chose Viola, a daughter of one of [read more]