Ida of Austria and the Crusade of 1101

After writing about Florine of Burgundy, I thought it would be interesting to look at Ida of Austria, another high-ranking noblewoman who took part in the early crusades. Like Florine, finding information on Ida is difficult, and there are conflicting results. Ida’s Background Margravine Ida of Austria was said to have been one of the [read more]


The legend of Florine of Burgundy

There were many women who played a part in the crusades. There are even some records as women leading armies, such as Florine of Burgundy. But there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Florine. Even her existence is disputed. This is not an in-depth study on whether or not Florine of Burgundy existed, but a [read more]


The beautiful Christina of Norway

Christina of Norway was born circa 1234 as the daughter of Haakon IV and Margrete Skulesdatter. Tales differ as to how she became an Infanta of Castile. Christina was sent to Castile intended for one of the brothers of Alfonso X of Castile, under the condition from her father that she be allowed to pick which [read more]