Maria Theresia of Austria

The death of Francis Stephen of Lorraine

On 18 August 1765, Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor died. The fifty-six-year-old Emperor who was in good health at the time and he had been in Innsbruck with his court celebrating the marriage of his son Leopold. One evening during his stay, Francis was returning from the opera when he died suddenly in his carriage, turning [read more]

Maria Theresia of Austria

The Ceding of Lorraine

The marriage of Maria Theresa and Francis of Lorraine came with quite a few consequences. Francis had succeeded his father as Duke of Lorraine in 1729, but as part of a solution to the War of the Polish Succession, Emperor Charles VI asked that Francis give away Lorraine to the deposed King of Poland for [read more]

christina denmark
Christina of Denmark

Christina of Denmark – The young widow

Christina of Denmark was born in November of 1521 to Christian II of Denmark and Isabella of Austria. Just over a year later her father was forced to abdicate, and the family fled into exile to Veere in the Netherlands. She and her brother and sister were raised by the Governors of the Netherlands, Margaret [read more]