Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

The Kaiser Exhibition at The Loo Palace Review

The contrast between The Loo Palace’s two exhibitions could not have been greater. From the graceful and timeless Sisi to the ultimate military man, William II, the last German Emperor. The Kaiser exhibition began just two days ago, and I visited it right away. To my own surprise there was no ban on photography this [read more]

marie louise
Anne Princess Royal and Princess of Orange

Opening of the Marie Louise Year & Two Exhibtions

On 9 April I attended the opening of the Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel year in Leeuwarden. Marie Louise died on 9 April 1765 and this year is the 250th anniversary of her death. She was regent twice, first for her son who was born two months after his father’s death and second for her grandson [read more]

haagse rivalen
Amalia of Solms-Braunfels

Courtly Rivals Exhibition

While in The Hague for the Royal Gatherings weekend I heard about a special exhibition the The Hague Historical Museum has right now, called Courtly Rivals (Dutch: Rivalen aan het Haagse Hof) So, during the two-hour lunch break I walked to the museum, which luckily wasn’t far away from the hotel. I took these pictures [read more]