Margaret of Tyrol – “The ugly Duchess”

Margaret of Tyrol was one of the 14th century’s wealthiest heiresses.  As the heiress to the Duchy of Carinthia and County of Tyrol in present-day Austria, she was a very desirable bride.  She inherited land caught between three powerful rivalling dynasties: the Habsburgs of Austria, the Luxembourgs of Bohemia, and the Wittelsbachs of Bavaria.  Margaret [read more]

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Petronilla of Aquitaine – The Queen’s sister

If you have read about Eleanor of Aquitaine, chances are that you have heard she had a younger sister named Petronilla.  You may have heard how Petronilla’s marriage caused quite the scandal.  But is there anything else to say about Petronilla? Very little is known about Petronilla of Aquitaine.  She is hidden within the shadows [read more]