Elisabeth in Bavaria

Sisi’s training to become an Empress

The newly engaged couple said their goodbyes on 31 August. For Elisabeth, the period between now and the wedding on 24 April would be one intense course of study on how to behave like an Empress. Her education until now had been relatively informal, and she desperately needed to learn French and Italian as soon [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

Empress Elisabeth’s famous diamond stars

Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s most iconic portrait is the one by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, in which she wore the diamond stars in her hair. The stars were ordered by the Empress from jewellers Köchert and Pioté in Vienna. They consisted of diamonds and a centre pearl. Some of the stars were given to her ladies-in-waiting, [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

The funeral of Sisi

On 15 September 1898, the body of Empress Elisabeth arrived at the Hofburg in Vienna. Elisabeth’s wish to be buried “at the ocean, preferably on Corfu” would not be honoured. Elisabeth’s body was placed in the chapel of the Hofburg in a closed casket. By the account of Count Erich Kielmannsegg, “not many tears were [read more]

elisabeth orden
Elisabeth in Bavaria

The Imperial Austrian Order of Elisabeth

On 17 September 1898, just six days after the assassination of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, her husband created the Imperial Austrian Order of Elisabeth in her honour. It also paid tribute to Saint Elisabeth of Hungary. It was divided into three classes: Grand Cross, First and Second Class. In addition, there was an Elisabeth medal [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

The assassination of Sisi

Empress Elisabeth of Austria was an icon during her lifetime, and her tragic death only enhanced the magic. In the summer of 1898, Elisabeth met with her husband in Bad Ischl, where they were joined by their daughter Archduchess Marie Valerie. Elisabeth was “in low spirits, as always.” Elisabeth then departed for Bad Nauheim while [read more]