The Royal Women

The death of Queen Victoria

By 1900, Queen Victoria had lost many of her loved ones and had survived three of her children and her beloved husband, Albert. The death of her second son, Prince Alfred, in July 1900 came as a shock to her. She wrote in her journal, “Oh, God! My poor darling Affie gone too. It is a [read more]

Anne of Bourbon-Parma

Queen Anne of Romania’s death and funeral

Romania’s former royal house has confirmed that Queen Anne of Romania, the wife of Romania’s last monarch, King Michael I, died on 1 August 2016 at 1.45 PM at the age of 92. Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Radu, Princess Helen, Princess Sophie and Princess Marie were at the Queen’s bedside. Queen Anne was born as Princess [read more]

catherine aragon
Anne Boleyn

The death of Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon was born on 16 December 1485 as the daughter of Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. She was their youngest and last child. She was considered as a bride for Arthur, Prince of Wales from an early age and the two were wed on 14 November 1501. They were at [read more]