Zhongli Chun – The Ugly Queen

Queen Zhongli Chun (also known as Zhong Wuyan) is one of China’s most popular and recognizable historical figures. Queen Zhongli Chun was known to be one of the four ugliest women in Chinese history. Unattractive and a spinster until 40 years old, she made an unlikely candidate for Queen consort. Yet, despite her looks, she [read more]

wang wengxu

Wang Wengxu – The mournful Empress

Empress Wang Wengxu’s short life showed that the tragic events were beyond her control. She was sold into the crown prince’s household. She was hardworking and very talented. However, she became a victim of political intrigue. Her story shows that she was indeed “The Mournful Empress”[1]. Yet, not all of her efforts were in vain. She [read more]


Xijun – The isolated Princess

Princess Xijun’s marriage was known to be the first recorded marital alliance in Han history. However, she led a tragic life. Although she was from the imperial family, she was forced to live a life of slavery. However, Emperor Wudi chose her for the important task of marrying her to the King of Wusun. This [read more]