Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great – Ruling an Empire (Part four)

Read part three here. Catherine enforced her success by rewarding those who helped to put her on the throne, including the church and the army. She also cancelled the unpopular alliance with Prussia but assured them she had no wish for a new war. She also called on Russia’s two most experienced statesmen. She settled [read more]

Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great – An Empress-in-waiting (Part two)

Read part one here. Sophie had arrived at the Russian court as a 14-year-old German Princess to marry the 15-year-old Grand Duke Peter – heir and nephew of Empress Elizabeth of Russia – accompanied by her mother, Johanna. They were received like Queens, much to Johanna’s delight who considered the match her personal triumph. Sophie [read more]

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Catherine the Great

The Great Series Review – A comedy in corsets

SPOILER ALERT The Great promises to be a comedy loosely based on the life of Catherine the Great. When they say loosely, they mean it. Within the first 15 minutes, Catherine is married to Emperor Peter III of Russia (in reality – they married in 1745 during the reign of his aunt Empress Elizabeth of [read more]