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Book News Week 37

*contains affiliate links* Book News week 37: 11 September – 17 September Hunting the Falcon: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and the Marriage That Shook Europe  Hardcover – 14 September 2023 (UK) [no image yet] Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, and Women in Tenth-Century England (Richard Rawlinson Center for Anglo-saxon Studies)  Hardcover – 13 September 2023 [read more]


Founder, Fighter, Saxon Queen: Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians by Margaret C Jones Book Review

Alfred the Great’s daughter defied all expectations of a well-bred Saxon princess. The first Saxon woman ever to rule a kingdom, Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, led her army in battle against Viking invaders. She further broke with convention by arranging for her daughter to succeed her on the throne of Mercia. To protect her [read more]


The Warrior Queen: The Life and Legend of Aethelflaed, Daughter of Alfred the Great by Joanna Arman Book Review

Æthelflæd, eldest daughter of Alfred “the Great,” has gone down in history as an enigmatic and almost legendary figure. To the popular imagination, she is the archetypal warrior queen, a Medieval Boudicca, while in fiction she has also been cast as the mistreated wife who seeks a Viking lover, and struggles to be accepted as [read more]