wallis windsor
The Duchess of Windsor

The Duchess of Windsor – The press and the hate mail

Initially, the British press reported little on Wallis due to a gentlemen’s agreement, which lasted nearly the entire abdication crisis. The American press, however, had been hounding her but her name and references to her were censored in the American newspapers available in England. During her divorce court case, the international press had assembled at [read more]

wilhelmina juliana
Juliana of the Netherlands

Queen Wilhelmina – The abdication

When I studied history, I was particularly struck by the abdication of Emperor Charles V in 1555. I recognized the wisdom in it. Queen Wilhelmina’s decision to abdicate certainly caused some raised eyebrows with her British cousins, who had been left reeling by the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936. When the future Queen [read more]

The Royal Women

The abdication of Tsar Nicholas II

On 13 March 1917(O.S. 28 February) Nicholas left for Petrograd but was unable to reach it as the railway stations were controlled by the revolutionaries. The train was stopped at Malaya Vishera and turned around. On 14 March (O.S. 1 March) the Tsar arrived in Pskov, and the Provisional Committee declared itself the governing body [read more]