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Book News April 2022

*contains affiliate links*   Our Sporting Monarchs: Royalty at War and Play Through the Ages  Hardcover – 15 November 2021 (UK) & 1 April 2022 (US) Sports of all kinds have played a crucial role in the reigns of our kings and queens. Some used it for purposes both brutal and mercenary, others to boost [read more]

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Book News October 2021

*contains affiliate links* Charles II’s Favourite Mistress: Pretty, Witty Nell Gwyn  Hardcover – 30 August 2021 (UK) & 30 October 2021 (US) Nell Gwyn, the most infamous mistress of Charles II, was a commoner raised from the dingy back alleys of London to the stage and into a king’s arms. Hers was a true rags [read more]