Sirikit of Thailand

Suriyothai – The Queen who died in battle

Queen Suriyothai of Ayutthaya (a Siamese Kingdom in present-day Thailand) was the wife of Maha Chakkraphat, King of Ayutthaya. Tragically, very little is known about Suriyothai. We know that she and her husband had at least five children together: Phra Ramesuan, Phra Mahin (later King Mahinthrathirat), Phra Sawatdirat, Phra Boromdilok and Phra Thepkassatri. Suriyothai is [read more]

Daksinajar Naradhirajbutri

King Chulalongkorn and his half-sister consorts

King Chulalongkorn of Siam (Thailand) was born on 20 September 1853 as the son of King Mongkut and Queen Debsirindra – his parents were great-uncle and great-niece and were 30 years apart in age. His mother died on 9 September 1862, and her sister continued to act as his father’s consort. Prince Chulalongkorn received a [read more]

Sirikit of Thailand

Queen Sirikit of Thailand – The creation of an image (Part two)

To ease the panic about the succession, a marriage was arranged for Prince Vajiralongkorn. The chosen bride was his first cousin, SoamsawaliKitiyakara. However, Prince Vajiralongkorn didn’t like her, and he considered her plain and dull. Nevertheless, they married on 3 January 1977 and began touring the country. Soamsawali gave birth to a daughter named Bajrakitiyabha, [read more]