queen mary's bangles
Elizabeth II

Queen Mary’s Bangles

Queen Mary’s Bangles each consist of “39 brilliants, the gold sides finely engraved.” The traditional Indian ornaments were a wedding present to the then Princess Mary of Teck from the Bombay Presidency, an administrative subdivision of India. The committee which raised the funds was chaired by Lucy Ada, Baroness Harris, whose husband was governor of [read more]

queen mary's fringe tiara
Royal Jewels

Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara

Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara is “formed from 47 graduated brilliant- and rose-set tapering bars, divided by 46 narrow spikes, set lozenge-fashion with nine graduated brilliants at the centre, diminishing to five at either side; de-mountable for use as a necklace.” The Fringe Tiara was made in 1919 for Queen Mary in the then-fashionable Russian kokoshnik [read more]

Cullinan V brooch
Mary of Teck

The Cullinan V Brooch

The Cullinan V Brooch consists of a “heart-shaped stone in a pierced collet and claw setting, mounted on a fine radiating platinum web, in symmetrically scrolling and foliate millegrain and pavé-set brilliant border.” Embed from Getty Images The heart-shaped stone was one of the six numbered diamonds given to Queen Mary by the government and [read more]

cullinan ix ring
Royal Jewels

The Cullinan IX Ring

The Cullinan IX ring consists of a “pear-shaped diamond in open-work 12-claw setting, with plain loop.” Embed from Getty Images The Cullinan IX was the smallest of the stones cut from the Cullinan diamond. This diamond was given to Queen Mary in 1910 by the government of South Africa. Queen Mary had it set in [read more]