Joanna Queen of Naples

Queens Regnant – Joanna I of Naples

Joanna of Naples was born in March 1328 and would turn out to be the first of only two surviving children of Charles, Duke of Calabria and Marie of Valois. She had three elder siblings, who all died young. Her father was the eldest son of King Robert of Naples and Yolanda of Aragon. Charles died in November [read more]

joanna naples
Joanna II of Naples

Queens Regnant – Joanna II of Naples

Joanna was born on 25 June 1373 as the daughter of Charles III of Naples and Margaret of Durazzo. She was their eldest surviving child, and she also had a younger brother Ladislaus. Her parents became King and Queen of Naples when her father deposed Margaret’s aunt Joanna I of Naples in 1382. He did [read more]