maria anna

Maria Anna of Spain – A much-loved Empress

Maria Anna of Spain was born on 18 August 1606 as the daughter of King Philip III of Spain and Margaret of Austria. She was their fourth born but third surviving child. Her elder sister Anne became Queen of France, while her elder brother Philip succeeded their father as King of Spain. Four more siblings [read more]

eleonora gonzage

Eleonora Gonzaga the Elder – The pious Empress

Eleonora Gonzaga, known as the Elder to distinguish her from her great-niece and namesake, was born on 23 September 1598 as the daughter of Vincenzo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua and Monferrato, and his wife Eleonora de’ Medici. She was the youngest of six siblings. Eleonora would grow up in one of the most splendid courts [read more]