The Bonaparte Women – Justine Percoli-Suárez

Justine Percoli-Suárez was born on 27 November 1811 in Florence as the daughter of Bernard Percoli and Julie Niccolini. Her first marriage was to Marquess Luigi Bartolini-Baldelli, but she was widowed at an unknown date, leaving her a wealthy widow. In 1840, she married Jérôme Bonaparte, former King of Westphalia, in a religious ceremony. He [read more]

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Book News June 2020

Empress Alexandra: The Special Relationship Between Russia’s Last Tsarina and Queen Victoria Hardcover – 30 June 2020 (UK) & 3 October 2020 (US) When Queen Victoria’s second daughter Princess Alice married the Prince Louis of Hesse and Rhine in 1862 even her own mother described the ceremony as more of a funeral than a wedding’ thanks [read more]

Faustina the Elder

Faustina the Elder – Posthumous prominence

Annia Galeria Faustina, known as Faustina the Elder, was born in October, probably sometime in the 90s. Her father was Marcus Annius Verus, and her mother was Rupilia Faustina, who may have been the half-sister of Empress Sabina. The family was a wealthy, noble one from Spain. Her father was one of the richest men [read more]