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What is the Royal Maundy?

The Royal Maundy is a religious service in the Church of England which is held on the day before Good Friday. The British monarch ceremonially distributes silver coins known as Maundy Money as alms. The ceremony originated from the Last Supper when Jesus Christ instructed his followers to love one another. From the Middle Ages, [read more]

Kapiolani Kawānanakoa
Abigail Helen Kapiolani Kawānanakoa

Abigail Helen Kapiolani Kawānanakoa – An influential Hawaiian

Abigail Helen Kapiolani Kawānanakoa was born on 14 March 1903 as the eldest daughter of Prince David Kawānanakoa of Hawaii and Princess Abigail Wahiʻikaʻahuʻula Campbell Kawānanakoa. Her birth was announced in the newspapers with the brief words, “Born: at Waikiki, Honolulu, March 14 at 2 P.M. to the Wife of Prince David Kawānanakoa, a daughter.” [read more]